It was a wild month. In the end, the market slump whirls everything upside down again. Which stocks came out the best? While we see deep red CDGRs on book value, the market is reorganizing. In this exciting phase, there are also winners.

Stock of the Month Smith AG is the Stock of the Month October 2018 ahead of his two Global Trust collegues Skanta Holding and Kingsley Financial. Of the only nine AGs with a positive CDGR in October after the slump towards the end of the month, no AG can place in the top 10.

Rising star of the Month The biggest leap in the TTOC ranking is made by Blackhawk State Bank in October, ahead of Phil AG and Sionyxa in the ranking Rising star of the month of October 2018.

Fund of the Month Fund of the Month October 2018 is just like in the previous month Global Trust just before German Trading Group and The Club. German Trading was hit particularly hard with the crash of Alternative Trade and the liquidation of JO Holdings.

Dear Shareholders and potential future Shareholders,

as the CEO of ProductionAutomation, I am very happy to inform you that in just 22 days after the initial public offering my company doubled it's book value. ProductionAutomation is currently listed with an book value of 2.3 million dollars, thanks to a compound daily growth rate of 4%.

All of this would not be possible without the trust of all my shareholders. Special honors goes to the three companies with the highest investments FriXX Media AG (~16%), SKANTA HOLDING AG (~12%), and BlackCrop (~5%).

Future Steps Currently only around 600,000 dollars are regularly deposited in system bonds. In the near future I plan to increase this number to 1 million. This gives additional savety to the shareholders and the company itself in case of an unexpected drop of several depot positions. The depot itself consits of roughly 60% long term investements, this will be reduced by roughly 20 to 25% and converted into the previous described bonds. The other 40% of the depot consist of short term investements and therefor will change regularly.

Current share price The current share price sits at 50 dollars per share. At the same level a bid was placed by BlackCrop. The current ask is at 89.58 and 89.59 both from unkown sellers. In the near future no capital reduction is planned. Nevertheless, I hope for the company to become an actively traded share as well as viable for a long term investment.


Heyho guys,

Just wanted to notify everybody of the reason for my latest inactivity. I just started University and am pretty busy. Not really sure when I will be able to be really active again since I don't have a WiFi at home yet and I don't like playing over the phone except for the standard stuff (bonds etc). I'll inform you guys when I'm "back" :)

Have fun trading and enjoy the game Kobe - shoot your shot

Btw congrats to Django for reaching 200 registrations all time wuhuuu

Oct 5, 2018 -

With a look back at the month of September, information about the Share of the Month, Rising Star of the Month and Fund of the Month, a glimpse into the Insomnia API tool and an info on the new domain is now the third Global Trust video in the series TSGDA - TheShare Game Data Analysis online.

However, we are just redesigning our new domain so that we can also integrate the videos and make user management more flexible.

So is likely to be offline again by noon on Saturday.

Oct 1, 2018 - The winners are determined.

The TSGDA share of the month is Skanta Holding with a TTOC of 7.4 million, 657 trades and a CDGR of 2.85% in September.

Second place is JO Holdingand third place in the ranking is Nordlicht AG, although much smaller, both were able to score points in September with their number of trades and a better CDGR.

In September, HedgingYourRisks Inc improves by 33 places in the TTOC ranking, taking the TSGDA Rising Star of the month. On the places Smith AG (+15 places) and Goldy (+14 places).

Global Trust and German Trading Group German Trading Group and Global Trust share the same title as TSGDA Fund of the Month.

While German Trading Group is ahead in the categories Members and TTOC for itself, Global Trust is ahead with the trades and the CDGR. Rank three goes to the Black Mamba Fund.

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